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unique, original, custom...or kustom

kustom lab fishing....

to have a tailor-made fishing rod, adapted to your component requirements, create  taking into account your morphological factors so that it is yours....  

And then a quirky touch of the really unique painted decoration!

but above all components that are machined and treated by KLF, materials such as aramid carbon or kevlar composites, specially manufactured by my suppliers according to my specifications!!!!!

for the lures, it's almost the same, you can choose the style, the decoration but ask me for a decoration like a football team emblem, there it's not possible.....

there are certain impossibilities  of creation, for technical reasons depending on the materials  of basics.

for the anodizing of aluminum, it's a gray color, because I prefer to offer a beautiful finish, with a superb color, and above all well controlled!

for the upgrades part of the casting reels, many modifications are possible, but you have to be careful with the other components for the internal mechanics, not everything is possible.

it is necessary to regulate and balance the assemblies.

I do not anodize on the reels or the integral decorations ....

well, I think I may have covered almost everything....

and then if not, you contact me, it's even simpler  





creation for fishing rods, lures

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